Lemon & Elderflower Drizzle Cake

A delicious and light sponge cake with both an elderflower buttercream and lemon curd in the middle and topped with a simple lemon icing glaze. The secret to creating such a moist and Mmmmm response in every bite is the lemon and elderflower syrup which is drizzled over the cake while it’s still warm and let soak through.

Originally this is a Stork recipe and I found I had to change some of the proportions of ingredients to get the taste I felt was perfect. It’s a quick and simple recipe with the added bonus of only using a wooden spoon to make, even for the buttercream!

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Lemon Victoria Sponge Cake

This fantastic recipe comes from the legend that is Mary Berry. Her sponge cakes are one of the best I’ve ever made. The secret to a wonderful sponge is not so much the ingredients as the method. There are a couple of things to do and they will result in a lovely light sponge that rises beautifully. What else could you ask for?!

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