Sweet & Salty Popcorn Marshmallow Squares – Gluten Free and Sugar Free

I was delighted to receive some amazing products from the Free’Ist range and set about creating a fun and very simple, no bake recipe that everyone can enjoy. Free’Ist is an Irish company that produce a range of products to help reduce your sugar intake but never compromises on taste. The bonus is that a lot of their products are also gluten free!

Check out their website with great Bundle Offers: https://freeist.co.uk/?v=79cba1185463

I took the much loved and well known Rice Krispies Squares and adapted them to add some sweet and salty popcorn from Free’Ist and the combination works so well. I also used dairy free butter and milk which worked great.

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Maltesers Squares

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Such a real treat and no baking involved with this recipe, just some melting and mixing. You can be as creative as you like with the topping. Using Maltesers along with rice krispies gives these delicious bites that something extra plus if you have young people at yours, they can get right in and be delighted with their results. Quick, easy and very, very delicious!

maltesers, no bake, treats, kids party ideas, chocolate

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Crème Egg Rocky Road Chunks

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This is my absolute favourite Rocky Road recipe and each time I make it, I change it a little depending on what’s happening around me. The ingredients are adapted for the appropriate season or event and as Easter approached, I picked up a few packs of Cadbury’s Mini Crème Eggs and decided they had to be included!  How could you have Rocky Road at Easter without Crème Eggs and Mini Chocolate Eggs?? It’s almost a sin! 😉

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