** NEW ** Simple and Healthy Recipe Book


Simple and Healthy is a collection of recipes for those who want to make changes that benefit them and their family but are not sure where to start. Tried and tested recipes from Soraya at cozebakes, this easy to use book will introduce you to different types of cooking and baking with very little effort.

Giving you back control of what you put in your body – take it and enjoy!



Want to cook, bake and enjoy great flavours and ingredients and have a healthy lifestyle? Simple and Healthy is your new Go To Kitchen Recipe Book  to help discover wonderfully tasty ingredients that are good for you and readily available in your shops. Not sure what a Paleo, Keto or Vegan diet looks like? All the recipes are listed to help you see how simple it is to introduce healthy adaptations and changes to your daily meal plans.

Simple and Healthy will take your hand and guide you through the sometimes overwhelming list of ingredients that can help with specific dietary needs, a healthy lifestyle choice and generally result in a healthier, happier you!