Gluten Free Chicken Goujons & Potato Wedges

We love a Fakeaway! All the flavours with far less calories, processed ingredients and you know it’s good for you! I’m not for one minute saying we shouldn’t have takeaways because life is too short but making your own Fakeaway means you can enjoy your favourites more often!

Everyone loved this recipe. I served it in baskets to really make it feel like we used to have as kids. Remember Chicken & Chips in a basket? So not only is this Gluten Free but it’s got a healthier slant as I’m using Brown Rice Breadcrumbs plus economically, it’s cheaper too!

The quantities below are for 2 people (with some leftovers) so just increase as needed.

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Gluten Free Seeded Bread

glutenfree bread, seeded bread, bread recipe

I can honestly say this recipe may become more popular than my Gluten Free Scones one. Since I posted the reels on Facebook and Instagram, it’s been tried by so many people and what’s the best test is that it has been a success for everyone! It’s the real deal and the feedback has been just so amazing.

I’m really proud as I devised this recipe myself by using bits from other recipes that I have here plus using my knowledge about Gluten Free Baking and it’s been such a success that it’s like watching one of your kids do well (hahahahah) but seriously, try it!!

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Easy Tiramisu Recipe – Gluten Free

A rich, coffee and boozy tiramisu will always be greeted with joy and eagerness. It’s one of those desserts that has never gone out of fashion and there’s a good reason for that. It’s so easy to make. It’s a no bake recipe. It’s actually better made ahead of when needed and then it also lasts well in the fridge for a few days. It’s a host of ticks for a great dessert!

You can of course keep it alcohol free and simply sub more coffee in place of your chosen tipple. I go with brandy as I always have it in the house but Kahlua works really well too and brings out the coffee flavour even more. I would stick with espresso coffee for the sponge fingers as you do need that strong coffee taste in the dessert.

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Easy Nuts & Seeds Bars – Gluten & Dairy Free & Vegan

These bars are packed full of goodness and take very little time to make and only 20 minutes to bake in the oven. They keep for up to 1 week in an airtight container in the fridge so they are perfect for busy people, healthy snacks, workout treats and if you are short of time in the morning.

The fact you can top them with your favourite ingredients makes them perfect just for you! If you are on a Vegan lifestyle, then substitute the honey for Agave or Date Syrup and be sure to get a vegan muesli. All the ingredients possess nutritional value of their own so these bars are pretty power packed of goodness!

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Mango Vegan & Gluten Free Cake

I’ve made this cake in a bundt tin as it needs so little decoration because it tastes so good that I felt a bundt would help it to look wonderful.

I love bundt tins (you might have guessed from some of my other recipes) as they take any cake and simply raise it up to another level of fancy and showstopping. What’s wonderful about bundts?? They do all the work and you take all the credit!

You can make this cake as a regular vegan one if you want to and I’ll list the Gluten Free changes needed below in the ingredients. Obviously there’s no butter or dairy products in the cake so it’s also a great healthy option. I used coconut oil to grease the tin rather than butter and floured it as normal (using GF flour).

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Apple & Walnut Almond Flour Bread

Gluten Free, Paleo, Dairy Free, Grain Free, No Refined Sugar

Have you tried baking with Olive Oil? It’s a great solution for those who need to be dairy free but it’s also a healthy way to bake. Using Almond Flour means this is low carb recipe, gluten free, paleo, grain free and contains no added sugars as the sweetness of the apple puree and grated apple add a natural sweetness to the bread. Using Almond Flour definitely does change the taste and it will be a little different to what you may have had before but it’s so healthy for you, it tastes great and you don’t get any bloating after a slice or two. Please give it a try!

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Banana & Nut Butter Energy Bites

Delicious and very easy to make, these Banana & Nut Butter Energy Bites are like having a slice of your favourite banana bread. They are a no bake recipe and very adaptable to suit your personal preferences plus they keep in the freezer for whenever you need a healthy snack. I’ve included how to make them Gluten Free, Vegan and Nut Free below

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Creamy Mixed Berries Baked Oats

Using coconut milk in this recipe gives the baked oats the most amazing creamy taste! Coconut Milk is full of healthy fats and combined with your favourite berries which are packed with antioxidants and only a bit of pure maple or date syrup, you have a fantastic way to use up berries and a great make ahead breakfast / snack for a few days. This one bowl recipe will soon become a family favourite and you can adapt it depending on what you have in the fridge!

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Date & Nut Bread – Gluten Free & Regular Versions

I’m a big fan of a loaf tin bake. The possibilities are endless. The recipes are always pretty straightforward. They look great and can be an every day treat or dressed up and they win over a crowd. What’s not to love!

This bread has everything I love. The dates, lots of warming spices and nuts and it uses no refined sugar!

If you need it Dairy Free, then substitute the butter for your usual non dairy brand.

Vegans can sub the egg with a flax seed egg (see below) and use maple syrup or date syrup in place of the honey.

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Lasagna – Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan

Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Vegan

This is a delicious Lasagna recipe which uses no meat but it’s hard to tell the difference. A little trick I have with kidney beans works wonders! Using plant milk and cheese means this lasagna will also be vegan and dairy free.

Don’t be put off by the sauce – it takes about 10 minutes and is so much better for you than a packet. A tip for time saving would be to make double the quantity of a bolognese sauce and keep the second half for when you want to make a lasagna. All you have to do is make the sauce, add a few bits and pieces and bake in the oven!

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Classic Gluten Free Shortbread

There’s something so comforting about a piece of shortbread. It’s simple yet delivers on so many levels. The buttery taste, just enough sweetness and perfect for any time of the day.

Shortbread has only a few ingredients but it does lend itself well to adding other flavours too. You can use a combination of flavoured sugar like a lavender infused one along with regular caster sugar. Use the zest of citrus fruit to add other flavours such as lemon or orange but don’t add other liquids to the mix or it won’t result in perfect shortbread. Of course if you like, drizzle a bit of melted dark chocolate over one half of your cooled shortbread for a beautiful finish.

I’ve used this shortbread recipe both in wooden moulds and for cutting out shapes. It works perfectly for both and is very forgiving. If you make this recipe, I would love to see the results and would be great if you could leave a review below.

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