How to line a Christmas Cake Tin – Video Tutorial

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There are a few jobs when making cakes that we all wish we had our own little helper to do and lining a cake tin properly must be up there with them.

My own personal tedious jobs are having to sieve icing sugar (how long does it take …. really!) and zesting anything … not only does it take ages but I tend to lose skin off my knuckles at a worrying degree!

So I’ve made this little video to show you how to perfectly line your Christmas Cake tin so nothing is left to chance. Considering how expensive all those delicious ingredients are, why would you leave anything to chance and have things spoilt.

Not only does proper lining help to bake a cake evenly, it means you get perfect results after all the hours of baking and preparing.

So check out this video and take the extra few minutes to prepare.


Soraya x