Hidden Heart Cake – Standard and Gluten Free Options

Soooo I’ve been looking at this cake for over a year now and really wanted to make it. The problem I had is the person I wanted to make it for is coeliac so I had to find a recipe that was gluten free and would work in holding up the style of cake. After a couple of attempts, I found a good one and it worked! I was so pleased with how it turned out that I sort of glowed happily for a while 😉

heart cake, hidden heart cake, gluten free heart cake, gluten free cake, sponge cake, gluten free sponge cake, valentines cake, heart cake, coeliac friendly bakingWith this cake, it’s not particularly difficult but it does take time. If you want, you can make it over two days. The issue is that each cake takes 65 – 75 mins to bake and can’t be made at the same time so plan ahead for this but otherwise, it’s so simple that it’s definitely worth trying to impress your loved ones.

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