Gluten Free Flapjacks

I love Flapjacks but the commercially baked ones are so high in processed sugar that they are a rare treat and sometimes just so sweet, they are not really a healthy choice.

This recipe is adapted from a Dove’s Farm original and as I prefer soft and chewy flapjacks, they are perfect for me. If you prefer yours crisp and crunchy, then leave them longer to bake. Simple!

The recipe is vegetarian and free from gluten, egg, soya, wheat and nuts so everyone should be able to enjoy them 🙂

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Healthy Low Sugar Flapjacks – Can be made Gluten Free

These are a healthier version of the traditional Flapjack and nowhere near as sweet as them. Using bananas and apple to bind the mixture, it straightaway cuts down on the amount of sugar used. I made a more adult version which replaces the peanut butter with tahini and I added dried cranberries to make up for the lack of sweetness from removing the peanut butter.

Organic honey, apricots, raisins and oats all add to a really great snack on the run and if you add in a good handful of mixed seeds, you have a great “power snack”.

I’ll give both options in the list of ingredients so you can choose which will suit you and your family best.

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flapjacks, oats, oat bran, snacks, healthy snacks, healthy baking, cozebakes

Soooo where do you start with Flapjacks? Everyone has a version and most are great. They are a handy “on the go” snack but can be laden with calories or fat so enjoy but don’t over indulge. They are a good starter to the day with their oats and dried fruit.

Traditionally you make Flapjacks with porridge oats but I have a fussy one in the house who has an issue with textures yet loves Flapjacks so I decided to use oat bran which produced a really nice bar and got a big thumbs up 🙂

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