Gluten Free Digestive Biscuits (Dairy Free included)

I regularly make my Chocolate Digestive recipe and they are always a big hit. They’re really good and recently made another batch and as they cooled, my husband walked into the kitchen and said the smell was great and could he have them? He’s a coeliac and I felt really bad having to say no, these are not for you 🙁

So the hunt began to find a workable recipe for gluten free digestive biscuits and big thanks to Nancy Birtwhistle of GBBO fame whose recipe was the best of the ones I tried. I also like that the ingredients were ones most coeliacs or gluten intolerant bakers would have at home.

There was one ingredient that did surprise me – Chinese Five Spice! Yep I know but I put my faith in Nancy and I’m so glad I did because it gives a slight bit of heat at the back of the throat. Perfect! You can smell the spice while the biscuits are baking but it’s not identifiable once baked. You can’t really taste it any longer which is quite cool but you get that “something different” that’s in a digestive without overly sweetness.

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