Meringue Roulade – Gluten Free

A great dessert recipe that’s always a big hit any time of the year and this one uses ground almonds which gives it a really nice texture. It’s so easily adaptable to any flavours you like and also for each season and your imagination is all that will stop you!

A meringue roulade is much quicker than it’s cousin the Pavlova and can be made on the day it’s needed. It takes about 20 minutes to get into the oven, 30/35 to bake and the same to cool and then you can keep it wrapped in the fridge till needed or dress up for serving.  I’ve never known anyone to refuse a slice of roulade when presented, so it’s a great one to have in your baking repertoire. Please don’t be worried about rolling it. It’s far more difficult in your head than in reality!

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Chocolate Meringue Roulade – Gluten Free

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A great recipe to make beforehand and depending on the filling, can be frozen and let defrost when needed. I made a buttercream filling and kept it in the fridge overnight but it would be perfect with cream and the addition of your favourite berry swirled through. If you choose cream, then it would need to be eaten on the same day.

It’s relatively simple so don’t be afraid of the rolling. No meringue roulade is ever perfect or free of cracks so go ahead and roll away for your own special version of this classic dessert. The bonus of course is that there’s no flour used so it’s a perfect gluten free recipe.

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