Gluten Free Seeded Bread

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I can honestly say this recipe may become more popular than my Gluten Free Scones one. Since I posted the reels on Facebook and Instagram, it’s been tried by so many people and what’s the best test is that it has been a success for everyone! It’s the real deal and the feedback has been just so amazing.

I’m really proud as I devised this recipe myself by using bits from other recipes that I have here plus using my knowledge about Gluten Free Baking and it’s been such a success that it’s like watching one of your kids do well (hahahahah) but seriously, try it!!

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Your Best Gluten Free Recipe Book!

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Have you got your copy of Gluten Free Baking from the Heart? Published in November 2020, it has been selling successfully online due to Covid restrictions but now is appearing in your local book shop. Reviews and feedback have been amazing!

Let me take your hand and work through each recipe for perfect Gluten Free Bakes every time! Most of the ingredients I’ve used you can find in your supermarket so nothing strange or expensive here!

Makes a great gift too! Let’s Make it, Bake it, Love it!

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Gluten Free Brown Bread

I recently found brown bread flour from Doves Farm. I use their flours in most of my gluten free baking. The quality is always excellent.

To make gluten free brown bread, it requires a mix of a few different flour types with lots of trials so to find one that’s been created, tested and is successful is such a joy! It’s great they have taken all the hard work out of trial and error with different flour blends and found the perfect combination!

You can find the complete Freee range from Dove’s Farm here: 

The first time I made this recipe, I followed it to the letter and it resulted in a totally delicious and authentic brown bread. Such happiness ensued I can’t tell you! After that, I started to add my own twists and each loaf has been perfect.

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