Celebration Fruit & Christmas Cake – Gluten Free

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If you’re looking for a traditional style fruit cake to decorate for a special occasion and one that’s gluten free, then this will be your “go to” recipe. It’s rich and dark and holds really well for fondant or other icing and decorating. It’s perfect for Christmas!

This recipe makes an 8″ round cake. If you double the quantities, you will get a 10″ cake for greater numbers.

I’ve adapted it a little to give it a bit of depth and it’s worked really well. The recipe is originally from a gluten free magazine.

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Gluten Free Light Fruit Cake

I have another lovely fruit cake recipe here on cozebakes and I’ve used it for a Christmas Cake before. It’s very fruity and a lovely traditional fruit cake. It’s a 7″ square cake which can be cut to make 2 gift cakes or keep all for yourself!

This is a new recipe I tried and it’s also a lovely bake, probably a little spicier than the Fruit Cake and will work really well for a Christmas cake also. It makes an 8″ / 20cm round cake though I made it in a 6″ as requested and used the leftover for a mini trial cake. There has to be a cook’s treat!!

My advice? Read both recipes and decide which rings your bell. I can stand over both as delicious and impossible to tell the difference from a regular non gluten free cake. Here’s a link to the other recipe for you to check out: https://www.cozebakes.com/2016/11/09/fruit-cake-gluten-free/

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Fruit Cake – Gluten Free

This gluten free Fruit Cake can also be used as a Christmas Cake and is made in a 7″ / 18cm square tin which allows you to cut it into two loaf shaped cakes so you can keep one and give one as a gift. It will keep for one week, wrapped properly, so if it’s made several weeks before Christmas, freeze until it’s needed. Give it several hours at room temperature to defrost fully.

As it’s a gluten free recipe, this cake doesn’t result in as dense a cake as a standard one so it’s important to leave it sit until it’s really totally cooled down and then handle with care.  The original recipe calls for sherry but I used an orange liquour and the smell is Ah May Zing! .

Just prepare your fruit the night before, then finish the cake the next day.

Surprise your coeliac friends and family with their very own wonderfully delicious Christmas cake!

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