Gluten Free Brown Scones

As much as I love a sweet scone, my heart probably lies firmly in the Brown Scone box. I really love a hearty brown scone. I love that I can decide to go with butter, or jam but if I feel like it, I can top with some cheese or whatever may take my fancy that day.

Unfortunately trying to find a gluten free brown scone has been almost impossible and I did try one but it was like eating grain from the miller (without the help of finer processes)!

So one day while I was making some gluten free brown bread, I thought …. this might work so I gave it a go and success! I know I’m going on a bit about it but honestly, I feel I came up with this idea and practically created a gluten free brown scone!

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Good Morning Scones

I wanted to make a tasty scone that didn’t leave me feeling bloated when I enjoyed one mid morning and my aim was to have it sugar free and healthy so I combined a couple of fresh and dried ingredients you would normally have in the kitchen,  added some spices and used my Best Scone Recipe as the base. Here’s that recipe if you want to try it:  

So the Good Morning Scones were born! They are full of lovely naturally sweet ingredients like dried cranberries and sultanas plus using a mix of wholemeal flour with the plain flour adds a healthy, full of fibre boost. I used a mix of sunflower and pumpkin seeds to add even more healthy bites.

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