White Chocolate & Ginger Nut Fudge

This is one of the easiest fudge recipes so you don’t need thermometers but you do need a good strong arm to give the fudge a mix. I used a combination of white chocolate chips from Dr Oetker and some good quality white chocolate bars. Don’t use cooking chocolate for this recipe.

I added crushed ginger nut biscuits as my own ginger biscuits are soft in the centre and chewy and I wanted a crispy, crunchy bite to the fudge instead. If you can find small Gingerbread men, they will look really great!

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Mixed Berries & White Chocolate Traybake

I’m very partial to a traybake recipe. They are always quick and easy to make, simple to transport and feed a good few people so lots of boxes ticked right there.

This lovely traybake is on the lines of the nostalgic Pineapple Upside Down Cake where the fruit is at the bottom of the tin and ends up on top when you invert it after baking. Using a selection of mixed berries instead gives this cake such a burst of colour and it’s all natural! There’s white chocolate both in the cake batter and drizzled over the top which works nicely to offset the slight sharpness of the fruit.

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Cranberry & White Chocolate Gluten Free Cookies

These went down a real treat with all the tasters and disappeared very quickly. I made half the original recipe thinking it might be too many but next time, I’ll be making the full batch! They make an ideal gift too!

I froze about 6 of them just to see how they behave and what I found worked was to let them defrost and then give them about 5 minutes in a moderate oven (150C) – just gave them a fresh feel. Remember to put a piece of parchment between each cookies before freezing.

These cookies are pretty irresistible and it’s an easy enough recipe to adapt so you can add your own favourites to it such as pecans, macadamia or other nuts. You can leave out the white chocolate and add milk or dark chocolate. Lots of options to explore so definitely a keeper!

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