Gluten Free Biscuits

These delicious biscuits are perfect for cutting out using your favourite cutters and can be made at Christmas, Halloween or just because. They work well to different flavour additions and bake up in no time.

I used an embossed rolling pin to get a pattern on the dough and then decorated them with royal icing.

This recipe is free from soya, nuts and is vegetarian also 🙂

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Lemon Shortbread – Regular and Gluten Free

This is a recipe for Lemon Shortbread which I converted to gluten free and it worked out well. It’s very short so can be quite crumbly. It needs time to sit both before baking (in the fridge) and after baking, in an airtight container. I found the gluten free version more sturdy the next day but once you follow the steps, it will be irresistible!

I used Lemon Extract to give the biscuits an extra zing of lemon but don’t worry if you don’t have any. The recipe calls for a tsp of lemon zest and you can add a little extra if not using the extract.

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Lemon Cookies with Lemon Glaze

Some of you will know that Lemon is featured a lot at cozebakes HQ. We can’t help it. We love practically anything with lemon and when I saw this recipe from Martha Stewart (yes that Martha Stewart), I was always going to make them.

Once I converted them from US weights and cut the sugar in half, I think they are perfect. The great thing about this recipe is that there’s no chilling time in the fridge. They take 10 minutes to make and then it’s straight into the oven. They are what’s known as a “soft cookie” so there’s no crunch but I heard no complaints, no … not one 😉

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Lemon Kisses

These gorgeous little bites of lemon heaven are very simple to make but do make sure to leave them chill in the fridge for 30 mins before baking. The only other thing to remember is to try and buy or make really good quality lemon curd to fill them. You need that sharp and lemony bite to make all the difference.

I put them back into the fridge after making them to set the icing and so the lemon curd would take a hold of the biscuits and not slide off. They were pretty delicious cold too! The recipe called for the zest of 2 lemons and to use only one in the batter and the other to decorate the biscuits but I added the zest of both to the batter as you’re coating them with a lemon icing and there is no such thing as too much lemon 😉

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