St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Chocolate Cake

So this is a great chocolate cake recipe. It’s rich and has a great texture. It can be used for any occasion and I decided to bake it, cut out a shamrock shape x 2 and decorate with shades of green buttercream. It’s a fun thing to try and worked well because of the shamrock shape and colour variations.

I made the cake in two 8″ / 20 cm round tins. Then found a shamrock image on the web, sized it, printed it and cut it out of the cooled cakes. If you can draw freehand, go for it! I would recommend gel dye colour rather than a liquid one. Start with a small bit for the first shade, then increase the quantity to get a deeper colours as you go.

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Wheat, Dairy & Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

This gooey chocolate cake recipe was given to me by a friend and is made with olive oil in place of butter. It’s totally delicious and great for those who don’t or can’t eat wheat or gluten as ground almonds are used in place of flour so of course, it’s ideal for gluten free diets too. It’s also dairy free which is great for those who want a fantastic cake without butter or milk.

Try to use a springform cake tin, grease it well and line the base with parchment; it really helps when it’s time to remove the cake.  The result is sort of like a brownie in cake form. Seriously good 🙂


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Triple Chocolate Loaf Cake

I made this cake in a loaf tin. It’s one of those lovely “stand by” cakes which are great to have for just in case moments or a “I fancy a slice of something nice” moment … you know what I mean. It’s quite dense bake but it’s still moist and full of chocolate yumminess throughout.

A good one to add to your baking repertoire!

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Chocolate Courgette Cake

We all love something a little sweet with our morning or afternoon break; maybe when we have friends over for Afternoon Tea but don’t want to go the full OTT or just because it’s a Sunday!  The fact you’re going to include one of your required 5 a day is a bonus?!

Adding courgette to this lovely light chocolate cake gives it added moistness as chocolate cakes can sometimes turn out a little dry. Spelt flour is used also for easier digestion and those with a high wheat intolerance and finally agave syrup for sweetness instead of refined sugar …. sure it’s positively healthy! 😉

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Nutella Chocolate Traybake

I’ll give you a little warning before you make this cake. It’s rich, it’s full on and it’s for true chocolate lovers. It’s really gooey and has a surprise centre of soft, creamy Nutella just for extra decadence!

I make this recipe in a baking tray so it can be cut into squares to share out.

You need 16 tablespoons of Nutella and it’s easiest to spray the measuring spoon with some oil beforehand to make it simpler to measure out without ending up covered in sticky Nutella 🙂

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Ultimate Chocolate Cake

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This is a recipe from the U.S so it’s originally given in cup measurements. I’ve adapted it slightly as some of the products are not available here and the oven temperature and timing were guessed at so you will have to keep an eye on it and see how it works with your oven. I weighed each of the ingredients as I measured them so if you like, you can use the equivalent weights given in grams next to the cup measurements but they are only approximate so it’s up to you. Just don’t mix them. Use either cups or grams.

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Chocolate Fudge Cake with Gluten Free Adaptation

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A perfect little chocolate cake for any celebration or afternoon tea. I brushed warm apricot jam over the cooled cake before icing it and this helps to keep it moist and also to prevent lots of crumbs as you spread the chocolate fudge icing. When you’re making the icing (very easy) just don’t let it get too hot or it will lose it’s shine and you can make it ahead of time and then just gently reheat it until it’s runny. The decoration is totally up to you. If it’s for something special, you can add edible flowers and chocolate curls or top with chopped pieces of your favourite chocolate bars. Let your imagination go wit this one!

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