White Chocolate & Cranberry Fudge

A totally delicious fudge that’s so easy to make. You don’t need a sugar thermometer, just some good strong arm muscles and a bit of preparation to help the process go smoothly as possible.

I added the zest of half an orange just to give an extra dimension to this fudge but equally you could add some ground ginger or ground cinnamon. It depends on what you like personally.

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Sweet Potato Scones with Apple & Cranberry – Gluten & Dairy Free option included

This scone recipe is very simple to put together. If you already have sweet potato mash, then you’re one step ahead. There’s no butter in this recipe, I use oil instead and they are still really light and fluffy. Sweet Potato is a great vegetable, full of nutrition and high in fibre, vitamins and minerals – specially high in Vitamin A.

For those who are on special diets, Sweet Potatoes are a low glycaemic food. So let’s get to the recipe.

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Gluten Free Flapjacks

I love Flapjacks but the commercially baked ones are so high in processed sugar that they are a rare treat and sometimes just so sweet, they are not really a healthy choice.

This recipe is adapted from a Dove’s Farm original and as I prefer soft and chewy flapjacks, they are perfect for me. If you prefer yours crisp and crunchy, then leave them longer to bake. Simple!

The recipe is vegetarian and free from gluten, egg, soya, wheat and nuts so everyone should be able to enjoy them 🙂

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Fruity Apple & Almond Tea Loaf

This recipe is a twist on what we would know as a traditional  Tea Loaf. It’s got ground almonds, grated apple and I swapped whole wheat flour in place of white flour for a healthier result. As I was using dried fruit which is naturally sweet, I could also reduce the sugar quantity.

The slices of apple dipped in tea and decorated on top give it a lovely rustic look and something to bite into. When I made it, I felt it was going to be very dense and dry but it worked out really nicely and perfect with a cup of tea any morning or afternoon.

By using whole wheat flour, the recipe is changed to a healthier version with more fibre and less processed flour, plus reducing the sugar quantity is always a bonus. Sprinkling a little brown sugar on top gives it a lovely caramelised finish.

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Orange & Cranberry Bundt Cake

I’ve made this cake in a bundt tin as every now and then, I just love to use mine. I love the pretty shape that lifts any cake to another level and always makes them look so special.

I’ve used dried cranberries here and to get the full flavour and soften them a bit, I soaked the cranberries for a couple of hours in 2 tablespoons of fresh orange juice.

It’s not a complicated recipe and definitely worth making. Step by step pictures included to help too.

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Cranberry Banana Loaf Cake

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If you have ripe bananas in your house and want something a little different, then this recipe is perfect. It’s so light and moist with the banana which contrasts so well with tart, fresh cranberries.

Making it with spelt wholemeal flour adds a lower calorie content and it’s one of the healthier recipes to try. I think it has about 92 calories per slice. If you don’t have spelt flour, use normal wholemeal instead.

The original recipe is made in a 2lb loaf tin but I made mine in two of the 1 lb decorative card cases. They look lovely and are perfect for gift giving.

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Cranberry & White Chocolate Gluten Free Cookies

These went down a real treat with all the tasters and disappeared very quickly. I made half the original recipe thinking it might be too many but next time, I’ll be making the full batch! They make an ideal gift too!

I froze about 6 of them just to see how they behave and what I found worked was to let them defrost and then give them about 5 minutes in a moderate oven (150C) – just gave them a fresh feel. Remember to put a piece of parchment between each cookies before freezing.

These cookies are pretty irresistible and it’s an easy enough recipe to adapt so you can add your own favourites to it such as pecans, macadamia or other nuts. You can leave out the white chocolate and add milk or dark chocolate. Lots of options to explore so definitely a keeper!

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